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If you haven’t yet been, Cáceres is one of those places that you will always want to not only visit once, but return to. Situated in the wide open spaces of the autonomous region of Extremadura in western Spain, Cáceres is a UNESCO world heritage site and is a glorious reminder of why Spain is such a wonderfully varied country to explore. But with such a plethora of choices, where do we start? Well, here are a few suggestions: 
With an ambience and appearance similar to that of equally beautiful hilltop Italian villages in Tuscany, the 'Ciudad Monumental’ (Old Town) is absolutely stunning. Its beauty is not only in the breathtaking buildings, but also in simply walking through the winding, cobbled medieval streets. Immerse yourself in centuries of Gothic churches and Renaissance palaces defended by twelfth century Moorish walls, which are also home to a number of storks’ nests. Read more...

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