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Renters FAQ

Renters FAQ's



I have sent an enquiry to the owner but have had no response?

When you complete the enquiry form online you will receive a confirmation e-mail of the enquiry. We will also send the owner the same enquiry and also send them an SMS message telling them they have had an enquiry and to check their mail box. Typically most owners respond within 24hrs some sooner. All owners are expected to respond within 3 days if you do not get a response within this time please contact us and we will try on your behalf. If we cannot contact the owner we will suspend the advert until contact can be established with the owner. ↑Top

What is a booking form?

We encourage all owners to use a booking form and supply them with a template to use and modify as they wish. This form should have the following information.

  • Property address.

  • Date and time of check in.

  • Date and time of check out.

  • Payment terms (Deposit, Reservation fee, and due dates).

  • Any additional payments made locally (Extra cleaning, beds, or air conditioning etc).

  • Owners contact details. ↑Top

What are the terms and conditions of the rental?

The owner will have their own terms and conditions we do supply them with a template they can use. These terms and conditions should cover the following points.

  • Rental conditions.

  • Security and reservation deposit.

  • Smoking Policy.

  • Pets.

  • Payment.

  • Cancellations.

  • Maximum occupancy.

  • Minimum stay. ↑Top

What are the normal payment methods?

The owner will decide and set payment terms. Normally a deposit of 10-20% is taken on making the reservation with the balance paid between 2 to 8 weeks before arrival. Some owners may request the balance on arrival. ↑Top

Do I have to pay a deposit?

The owner may ask for a refundable deposit to cover any damages to the property or contents within.  If the owner requires a deposit the amount will be displayed on their property details page. ↑Top

Will I get an invoice?

We encourage all owners send an invoice, but it is not mandatory. We do supply the owners with a sample invoice they can use as a template. The invoice has the following information.

  • Name and address of the owner.

  • Contact details of the owner.

  • Reservation details (Date and time of check in and check out).

  • Property address.

  • Payment terms and conditions. ↑Top

Can I store my searches?

Yes, you have two options you can either create an account and these properties will remain in your short list until you delete them, or if you prefer not to create an account you can add these properties to a short list and they will be stored for 30 days. You also have the facility to forward these to a friend you just need to click on the link and enter their e-mail address in a box, they will receive a link to the property along with the details of who sent it. ↑Top

Is it best to book in advance or book last minute?

We provide a facility for the owner to add their properties to this list if the owner has vacant weeks available, they can only do so up to 30 days in advance. However, the property does not have to be made any cheaper to appear in this list it’s entirely left up to the owner.↑Top