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Terms and conditions of use

Personal use of

  • “” should only be used too view, research or make enquiries to owners regarding potential holiday rental bookings. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

  • Holiday makers will not be charged to access our site, and “” can only be used to contact our advertisers regarding the suitability of their properties for a potential holiday rental.

  • All enquires sent to “” will store your e-mail address and maybe used for marketing purposes we will never sell or divulge your e-mail to any 3rd parties. You will always have the option to unsubscribe from this service and your e-mail will be deleted from our database. 

The accuracy of property information

  • “” cannot guarantee the accuracy of any photos, prices or other property information available on “”. The accuracy of property description, prices, bookings and photos are the sole responsibility of the property owner or agent.

  • “” will not confirm the accuracy of each advertisement or property owner, so holidaymakers are strongly advised to make their own investigation into the authenticity of any information offered on our site.

  • “” is not liable for any errors, inaccuracies, misleading photographs, prices or claims made by the owner or agent on “”


  • Content and software on “” is copyright protected. Other than personal use, content may not be otherwise used or copied without the prior written approval of “” or the individual or organisation posting information on “”.


  • Use of “” indicates that you agree to release “” from any loss or damage in connection with fraud, any breach of terms and conditions or any other legal obligation by you and your use of “”.


Terms and conditions for advertisers on ""

Advert design and layout

  • “” reserves the right to edit and fix the final design layout of an advert, including the right to edit text, or amend layouts or photographs on “”.

  • “” cannot be held responsible for any loss, or damage, resulting from any design changes of layouts, including photographs and text submitted by the advertiser.

  • “” also reserves the right to amend and edit any text entered on the advertiser database.


  • The advertiser must guarantee that he/she owns the copyright of all material supplied to “” or obtains the authorisation of the owner of the copyright to grant “” permission to use the material.

  • Termination & removal of an advert

  • If “” receive any complaints from users about a specific advertisement misrepresenting itself, or repeatedly receive any complaints about an owner, then “” reserve the right to remove the advertisement and disable the account without notice and retain payments made.

  • If an advertiser attempts to enter any unsuitable material into our database, or misuses the on-line booking and management system, then ”” reserve the right to remove the advertisement and disable the account without notice, and retain payments made.

  • Advertisers have the right to remove or disable their advert from “” before the end of their subscription period; this can be done in your management area. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given for time not used.

Multiple properties owners

  • A property advertised on “” may only represent one holiday unit, not multiple units, nor should be represented as an example of properties in a particular region.

  • Only one unit should be represented in any one advertisement unless prior permission has been obtained from “”. We reserves the right to amend any property adverts not in accordance with this policy.


  • If an advertiser is unfortunate enough to become a victim of fraud, “” cannot become liable to the advertiser.

  • “” does not guarantee that the operation of “” will be totally uninterrupted or error free.

  • “” cannot be held liable to the advertiser for any fraudulent activity, including any lost profits, however caused on any theory of liability, including but not limited to, product liability.

  • The advertiser will be responsible for any loss a renter may incur if the advertiser’s e-mail account has been hacked or manipulated in anyway. The advertiser will accept the obligation to refund the renter the full amount lost, or to offer a matching rental home with matching rental conditions.


  • To maintain a high level of service “” requires that all advertisers will be available to respond to enquiries by either telephone or e-mail. If you are unavailable for a period of more than one week, you must leave an answer phone message to that effect, also leave an out of office response on your e-mail account. If neither of these options is possible, we ask advertisers to temporarily suspend their advert in their administration control panel.

  • Please note that we offer an SMS text service to bring enquiries to owners' attention when they are contacted by a potential renter.

  • We reserve the right to suspend adverts of owners who are unobtainable for more than one week. We will send messages by telephone and e-mail asking the advertiser to request re-activation upon their return.

Pricing and conditions

  • “” reserves the right to change rates and conditions without notice. Changes to rates will be applicable immediately for new advertisers and following renewal for existing clients.

Payment policy

  • Payment must be made on the same day that a new property is listed on “”. Online payment by credit or debit card is processed by SagePay. When paying by credit card your data is transmitted over a fully encrypted SSL secure line. Notice will be sent to you 30 days prior to renewal of your advertisement.

Refund policy

  • “” provides an advertising service rather than a physical product. No trial periods are offered, nor do we offer a refund or compensation for adverts which are expired or unexpired.


  • “” require all owners to supply proof of ownership of their property in form of a title deed, utility bill or similar.