Top 10 tips for family-friendly holiday rentals

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Published: June 21, 2016 (Updated: June 21, 2016)

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Top 10 tips for family friendly holiday rentals


In 2015, according to the ABTA Consumer Survey, 38% of British consumers took a holiday with their immediate family, and 20% took a holiday with their extended family, that’s grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. Family holidays represent one of the largest and growing trends in the tourism industry. In terms of global figure, family holidays represent around a third of the market, around 115 million annual holidays!


What are families looking for in a holiday?

Without doubt, 'Family Beach Holidays' are top of the list on annual surveys, when it comes to the type of holiday families choose to book. They value relaxation and comfort and like everything to be on hand. When booking accommodation they are looking for space, convenience  and good value.  

With the strength of the family holiday sector, owners who are happy to have children staying in their holiday home, should be looking at ways to target the family travel market. 


Child-friendly facts

Fussy eaters: It can be a constant battle to get toddlers and small children to eat their dinner. A holiday rental provides flexibility and a space for parents to cook the dinner they know their kids will eat! 

Seen but not heard: Children like to let us know they are around, as loudly as possible. Why talk when you can shout? A holiday rental provides space for all the family, where the children can let off steam and parents can relax. 

Multi-generational holidays: Grandparents now play an active part in the lives of many children. One in five British consumers went on an extended family holiday in 2015, with a child under five. Multi-generational holidays are about quality time, memories, convenience and value. If your holiday rental appeals to 6-66 year olds, you have a winner! 

If the idea of attracting family and multigenerational holidaymakers appeals to you, then here’s some inspiration on how to make your holiday rental more family-friendly, with our...


Top 10 Tips for Family-friendly Holiday Rentals


Water inflatables for family-friendly holiday rentals


Make it safe: Safety is top of the must-haves for parents, especially those with babies and toddlers. Investing in stair and pool guards, plug covers and baby listening devices will create a safe and attractive environment for families.

Essential equipment: Absolute essential equipment for family-friendly holiday rentals include baby chairs, cots, safety guards and cups, plates and cutlery for children. You can also collaborate with local baby hire companies to offer the extra accessories you don’t have in-house, such as car seats and a babysitting service

Treasure chest: When we visit a holiday rental that has invested in a few toys, books and videos for my daughter, she is over the moon and happy to play on her own. Someone else’s toys are always better than your own! A nice idea is to fill a chest with toys and give them the key. You can use your own children’s discarded toys, or buy some from a flea market and clean them up. They won’t mind I promise and parents will be happy to have some spare space in their suitcase. 

Water inflatables: If your holiday rental has a swimming pool, or access to one, keep some inflatables and a pump handy. Parents always get sweet talked into buying inflatables that they have to leave behind at the end of the holiday, so if you have some to hand, kids and parents will be happy.   

Family activity guide: There’s only so much beach and pool you can take and at some point, families will want to get out and explore the local area. Create a family-focused local guide, which includes activities, family friendly restaurants, best beaches, water and adventure parks, bike hire and medical clinics.

Child-friendly furniture: If you want to make your holiday home really family-friendly, swap one set of bedroom furniture for bunk beds, or children’s beds. And decorate the room with bright colours and fun furniture. 

Stay connected: Wifi is the most requested feature in a holiday rental. This together with a smart TV is a must for families. Really smart owners will also make an iPad, tablet or laptop available if requested. 

Welcome Goodies: Don’t forget the kids when you prepare a guest’s welcome pack. Include goodies such as local biscuits and sweets, they key to your toy chest, discount vouchers for local family activities and your family-friendly local guide. If you want to leave an extra special welcome pack, you could include a colouring book and some pencils.  

Family-friendly advertising: Once you’ve setup your family-friendly holiday rental make sure your advertising copy resonates with your target audience. Remember ‘Family Beach Holidays’ are the people’s choice, so if you are situated close to the beach, this is the term to use to attract family bookings. Let potential guests know you are a family-friendly rental and detail all of the reasons why a family will have a happy stay in your home. Use keywords such as flexibility, space, child-friendly, toddler-friendly and quality, fun time together.  

Half-term promotions: As family holidays are restricted to school holiday dates and some of those fall in low-season periods, it makes sense to promote special half-term offers to secure those family holiday bookings. 


* Family tourism statistics taken from ABTA’s Consumer Survey 2015